We shared some early glimpses of Californian dream-pop duo Best Coast’s latest offering in the form ‘I Don’t Know How‘, and today we have a bit-more-than-an-EP, not-quite-an-album to stream via the band’s Soundcloud page. This latest mini-album is to act as a primer for the duo’s upcoming full-length, due for release in 2014.

While vocalist Bethany Consentino writes the majority of Best Coast’s material, she is adamant the music project is an even collaboration between herself and multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno. In developing the new material, Consentino muses:

I remember thinking, ‘OK, I want to make this record a little bit noisier. I want it to have more. I wanted to use weirder instruments, high guitar parts, weird, fuzzy, faded sounded guitar parts, throwing them in and layering things, hence why I named it Fade Away. I was in a zone where everything seemed faded to me.

Fade Away will be released through Consentino’s own Jewel City label, via iTunes on 22 October.

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